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The Wolf is considered a medicine being associated with courage, strength, loyalty, and success. 

New DF304 Wolf Dual Fuel Cooking Range


To describe what a wolf range is you need to understand why and how it was created. Built In Madison Wisconsin in a home town factory where the average employee is been with Subzero wolf for 20 years. They wake up in the morning and head off to work as what can only be described as the best place to work in the world.

Passing by the staff lunch room on the way to the employee locker area to hang up your coat and put away your lunch then head out onto the floor you glance at the other sections and can't help but notice that this is your second family and they are all here. You step onto the line and start your day with a smile and desire to have a great day!

How many places in the world of manufacturing can you get this feeling?

Every now and then your met with an hello from The owner of the company Jim Bakke a third generation Bakke member who thought he would stop by and hang out for a few minutes on the line. 

It was not that long ago that Jim too was sweeping and cleaning the line for the company and then moving up the chain as it were himself as his dad and his dad before him wanted and for him to experience for himself what hard work was all about and f
or Jim all his products are family members and he personally wants them to have a great home and make people smile.There is a reason Subzero and Wolf products are at the top of there class because the people who build them and the owners who use them all care.

Now, The Dual Fuel range is just one of those amazing stoves you can't help to like. No its not part of the high heat club and no its not designed to hold half a cow or a turkey that could win best in weight at the state fair.

 What the Wolf range does is work the way it was built. Who can say "oh my wolf range made a bad meal" 

Like many things in life we have choice and the wolf range products are a good one. You can simmer sauces you can bake a cake to perfection for your next birthday party and you can broil that salmon you have been waiting for all season.

Each Wolf range is tested during its journey down the factory line as if it was being prepped for college. Employees check and double check for flaws on every stove and some of the most advanced computer and camera imaging systems survey each product to insure quality.

Is this the best range in the world today? maybe, I would have to ask you does it make you smile when you look at it?

Come on, again it might not Boil water in 90 seconds or have a huge oven but one thing I have noticed in the wolf range is it has class and in most cases its in a class of its own. 

The dual fuel Wolf range will work with you to produce perfect results.


Backed by a certified install you get an amazing industry warranty of 3 years 100% parts and labor with in home service.
A dealer network designed to make things simple and easy to acquire this new member of the family and a company that truly wants you to be happy.

As I am writing this blog I can't help but think of the thousands of people right now smiling in front of this range as they are making an incredible meal while thinking how simple it was to prepare.


Here are the stats and Please if your in the area stop by the subzero wolf factory in Madison and simply say hi because its like going home and having your family be there waiting for you.

DF304 Highlights

Dual convection oven for faster, more consistent cooking
10 cooking modes make meals easy
Dual-stacked, sealed burners for higher highs, lower lows
Cobalt blue porcelain interior
Exclusive pivoting control panel
Continuous cast-iron grates for easy movement of pots and pans

Overall Dimensions: 29 7/8"W x 36 7/8"H x 29 1/2"D
Oven 1 Interior Dimensions: 25"W x 16 1/2"H x 19"D
Oven 1 Usable Capacity: 2.8 cubic feet
Oven 1 Overall Capacity: 4.5 cubic feet
Door Clearance: 19 1/2"
Star K Certified

Pro's : Yes they are!
Con's: Unfortunately not priced for the masses to enjoy!
Verdict: A must have if possible.

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