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Top 10 Questions To Know When Shopping For Appliances!


Often we go to a local big box or small independent store and start off by getting approached from a sales person who then proceeds to ask questions to what in the industry is called "qualifying the customer" and some of these questions can be taken as too direct or simply not wanted. Well did you know that in 70% of the time the standard answer from customers is "Just looking" when approached like this?

Shopping for appliances is not hard if you know what to do, all you need to know are a few things to better make your experience a good one for both you and the salesperson. I am here to guide you through that experience with 10 questions you need or should ask at some point. 

For example: Questions like whats the best fridge or I need a standard sized fridge are not the questions you should be concerned with as the salespeople will ask for things to guide you through this and find the best product for you. You need to focus on getting a good buy and best product that matches your needs.

Top 10 Things When Shopping For Appliances

1. Be sure to always ask your salesperson for their name and contact information (get that business card) as in most cases you will remember a question later you might want to ask. Also, this is a reverse control feature the salespeople won't be ready for and puts you in control of the conversation right from the beginning no need to say just looking when you're in control. Most salespeople will give you a business card when you're leaving the store why wait get it from the beginning.


2. Ask the salesperson from the start if they have time to show you around and spend some time with you so that you can get all the information you require to best make a buying decision. If the salesperson responds with anything remotely like "I have a few minutes" its ok its slow right now you should respond with "Should I make an appointment and come back later? " This will state your interest and let the salesperson know your not wasting your time for both them and you. You deserve all the time it takes to make a decision but with that said its a two way street and do not waste the salesperson time as well. If the salesperson is always looking over your shoulder at other customers while you shop you have a problem and should move on.

3. Know the "lingo". Yes there is a lingo in the appliance business just like many trades. If you know this lingo before you step into the store you will be better received and send a message to the salespeople you know your stuff and they can relax and make your stay a better one. For appliance lingo check out the post at http://appliancereports.com click on the tab at the top called appliance lingo.

4. Ask the salesperson what is there personal favorite brand? Why ask this? Well at some point you're going to be shown this brand without your knowing it. By asking this question in the first 5 mins or so you will set the tone of visit by allowing the salesperson to know you're serious and respect their opinion. Although do not be fooled by this as in many cases the favorite brand can be missleading as many manufactures offer in house promotions to salespeople to sell their brands.

 Usually the brand with the biggest inhouse promotion to the salespeople is there current favorite as salespoeple in many stores are on commision and make extra income from manufactures bonuses for selling there brands. If the salesperson has a favorite and in most cases they will you will get an answer something like " I like brand X because its an amazing cook top for how I cook" but that might not work in your favor if the salesperson says "I like brand Y because its rated #1 in consumers and customers buy this one the most" Brand Y is the one I would normally steer clear of as this as 75% of the time the promotional item that's best for the salesperson and not you.

5. Whats on sale today? This is a touchy subject as at any given time a manufacture could have a sale running and the store is simply promoting that sale. Take a pen and pad with you and take notes of what the salesperson says is on sale, you may need this later. Manufactures sales run month to month and you should always ask for the end sale dates so that you do not miss a sale. DO NOT fall for the simple "you will need to leave a deposit" to get this price. Chances are you will get that price next week also if you ask for it. Keep in mind the appliance business is a first come first served business so if you like a product and plan on buying just do it as you can always add to that order after and not miss a deal.

6. Ask about avaliablity? You need to know if the appliance your looking at is end of line or do to be discontinued or simply is the last one. This will effect your sale and buying desision on when you should make a sale. If the salesperson says its the last one ask if its the floor model or is the last one in a box? If its a floor model you deserve a small yet better deal.  DO NOT forget to ask to see the replacment model (newer version) and what is the best deal on the newer version coming out. You don't want to miss something.

7. Do you give discounts for volume of items purchased? Now I personally would suggest you do not play into the my contractor or my builder said he can get me a better deal ploy. Salespeople in most cases are not dumb and can manipulate you based on this line of discussion because you may think you're getting contractor prices but unless your building a condo with 30 units chances are you're simply not getting that same deal and the salesperson will make you think otherwise to make the sale. You will however get a deal the more you buy as this is the HOT TREND in the appliance industry today from manufactures is to incentivize volume of units purchased. The typical markup on appliances at the dealer level is actually very low making the appliance business a volume based business.

8.  Should I be concerned with different brands in the kitchen? Well this can be a touchy subject for some people as most want all the appliances to look good or the same at least and for things like handles to match. Back in the day appliances were made by small family businesses that made something special like a stove. Today we have whats called full line manufactures like Whirlpool, Samsung and Electrolux corp. These manufactures want you to commit to the full line based on looks so that they get a bigger sale and this is not a bad thing but you should know you might get something better for less. For example if you purchase a product that has a panel on the front like a fridge or dishwasher does that fridge or dishwasher need to be the same brand or could you do better? Don't feel trapped you have options.

9. Do you finance? If you know from the start you will need financing for your purchase be prepared and ask from the start cause if the store says sorry no we do not have finance you may have to shop elsewhere or simply make new arrangements. If you need financing for your appliances consider talking with your mortgage broker or bank for a line of credit so you're not stuck with some store you don't like.

10. Is this the best deal? This question will get answered 90% of the time with a yes, but you can push this question and ask your sales people to talk with the manager for options like did the salesperson really know it was the best deal. In my experience salespeople are swamped with training and sales and can miss a deal from time to time so its always good to simply get confirmation from the salespersons manager. Its part of the business and you're not putting anybody off or out of their way after all you want a deal right?

Always ask for details? Details such as what is the warranty on the product you're about to purchase and can that warranty be extended? Most stores will give you a consideration time to add extended warranty if you wish. Never rush into or be pressured to buy extended warranty. Ask for specs on the appliances you're looking at. If the salesperson simply says go to the company's website that makes the products you can get the specs there then your wasting your time with that salesperson as they simply are lazy and don't want to actually help you. Ask for copies of your bill of sale during the purchase so that you can give a copy to your cabinet designer or builder so they know what you're getting. Also DO NOT forget to keep your receipts.

So remember these Top 10 Things When Shopping For Appliances they will save you money and time and give you less hassle potentially. Good luck and I hope your next new appliance is perfect.

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