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Top 10 Tips - How To Buy New Appliances

Top 10 Tips - How To Buy Major Appliances

1. Prepare for the new appliances! You should measure and record all spaces for the major appliance locations that they will be placed in. If your working with a cabinet or interior designer they will want to know what your going to purchase before you shop for that new appliance so that they can use the dimensions from the new appliances to design your space. This is the most important step prior to moving forward with a purchase.Last thing you need is a big fridge or stove that won't fit in your home!

2. Do not impulse buy! This is very important when shopping for your next major appliances because you will be using these for a long time and want the best for you. If you buy a new shiny blue front load washer and it won't clean your king size duvet what will you do? Most stores won't take major appliances back unless you have a very good reason so think twice before you buy. It's also a good idea to comparison shop then consider the best store to deal with as some big box locations are not always the best idea as the little guys try harder for your business and this is good for you.

3. Ask friends and family where they would shop! This is always a great idea as you can get instant product reviews and suggestions from people you know and trust. But like anything this should only be considered good advise and not taken as gospel as this could stop you from making a good deal.

4.  Get to know the lingo! In most industry's there is a lingo that is used to describe products and categories so you need to get up to speed on this lingo so you are armed with the best way to interact with a sales people in the store.   


Do you know what an OTR is?

If you have no clue, how are you going to get the right Over The Range microwave hood combination best for you?

So here are a few major appliance lingo's you should be aware.

- Counter depth! This is a term used when shopping for a free standing fridge that has a cabinet size of only and in most cases 24" unlike the the term freestanding fridge that has a cabinet depth of generally 28" This mean's that if you were to want a fridge that does not stick out of the space its in you generally want a counter depth fridge.
- Built In! This is in reference to any appliance that becomes part of the kitchen in a way that makes it really part of the cabinets. For example a built in fridge is any fridge that is like the brand name Subzero.

When we think of built in fridges we think of the top end of the fridge lines. Now items such as dishwashers are built in but in the appliance lingo and in most cases its a term used during hunting for a certain fridge model.Built in appliances can also be items like wall ovens, coffee machines, steam convection ovens, cooktops and range tops, but the general term from the insiders view is BUILT IN fridge.

- Range Top vs Cooktop! Well when you ask for a cooktop you might get it confused with a rangetop so in most cases a sales person will ask and then describe the difference to you. The range top is just that the top off a range and the cooktops are cooking appliances that are dropped into a hole in your counter top. range tops have the knobs on the front as a rule.

- Under counter products! if you are ever asked this it means the sales person wants to know if you might be interested in a wine cooler, under counter fridge or any other type products such as fridge drawers or microwave drawers.

- Range hood or downdraft system! This should in most cases be obvious buy when shopping for ventilation its best to describe to the sales person what your design might be so they can match the best ventilation options to your needs.

- French door VS side x side! There is a huge difference when asking for a french door in that this is the fridge products that have two doors on the top and a freezer below and the side by side fridge has a dividing wall down the middle of the fridge making space in most cases
smaller in the fridge area.
5. Time to buy! Its not something you should panic about but you should know that the fall or last quarter of the year (Oct through Dec) is the best time every year to get the best deal generally as manufactures want to move out warehouse inventory prior to the next selling year and big box stores want to increase final year end sales numbers and also clear out warehouse and floor stock.
Other times to get a great deal are:- Floor models, always a consideration as in most cases these items have never been plugged in and are like new but with deep discounts.- Volume manufacture sales, these are when the manufactures brands are discounted based on the more you buy. For example Kitchenaid might offer 10% off one item or when you buy 3 get 15% off.- Model transitions or making way for the new models. If an appliance is coming out with a new product chances are you can get a great deal on the current one that is on sale.- Manufactures on site sponsored events! these are events for that store to drive business and in most cases the factory reps are authorized to incentive you with savings or addition bonus to make a purchase. So if your buying anyways look for these events.

Don't settle! You will be offered in most cases color options, consider all your options and the sales person if there is a savings based on color? Did you know that just cause an appliance is white that it might cost you more than say stainless? Yes, this is true in fact manufactures may produce some items in only stainless giving you a better price on what you want. Do not take the first item you look at with out comparing to the next model up just in case its on sale or may have the features you want for very little more.

This is the best time to ask for that special deal with your store who knows what you might get.


7. Ask about the extras! These are items that always get missed and can add up. Extras when shopping for appliances can be such items as - Delivery! did you know that major appliances can be delivered in different ways?

This is how most people get caught making a mistake. The delivery you should always want or get would be the In-home delivery with removal of all debris from packaging and put in place. If you do not ask for this you might end up with your appliances dropped off in your driveway or end of your walkway without you knowing it and leaving you to move them into the house. Is it good to pay for appliance delivery? well, if you can lift heavy items and not hit a wall or two do it yourself other wise the smart money is have the appliance professionals do it for you.

FREE DELIVERY is not always free!
- Laundry fill hoses are now in most cases and not included.- Trim kits, i.e. microwave ovens can be nicely trimmed out and most customers have no clue about what a trim kit is so ask.- Water filters and interior fridge filters! In most cases you get a starter but ask if this is included.- Do not assume anything when buying your next appliance as this will only make you look bad and you will have no excuses.

 Extended VS factory warranty! This is always a touchy subject for some folks. Again, never assume anything and ask your salesperson what the product comes with for warranty's and also what your options are. Extended warranty's today are believe this or not a good thing unlike years ago when products were built to last not so with appliances today.
 The average life time of a new appliance today is 8 to 10 years. Not saying you wont have any repairs this is the expected time before your new appliances could just simply DIE on you.For example new stoves are built with loads of electronics. Take Samsung and LG appliance manufactures that also make some of the worlds best cell phones and TV's do you think that maybe they might use electronics in your next fridge or stove? YUP they will so its not a bad idea to ask about extended warranty. Also, shop extended warranty pricing like an appliance cause in some cases stores make more on the warranty than the product.

Know your order times and do not get mad! its only your fault if you purchase an appliance and you simply expect it to be at your house the next day. Ask your sales person what the expected delivery might be and consider you might have to wait for that appliance as in most cases manufactures are using a on time delivery system. This means what you see on the floor is simply a floor display and the products might be weeks away or longer. Its the way business is today so don't get excited causing yourself stress about when its coming. Know your delivery times.

Payment and returns! This is in most cases the most frustrating part for both sides of the fence and actually the easiest to avoid when you think things through and are patient. Selling stores do not want returns because its a paperwork hassle and takes loads of time.
 Plus something you must know today. Manufactures will only take an appliance back if it is deemed non repairable buy its trained staff or local repair facility's.

Bottom line you will get a service call first. Now with that said if your appliance is within the first 30 days of ownership do your best (I mean best) to get it back to the selling dealer fast if it needs to be returned do not expect the store to run out and get it make your own arrangement's if need be because the clock is ticking for that selling dealer to get it back to the manufacture for a refund. If you wait past this time you could run a risk of a hassle from the dealer.

As far as payment for appliances its common to pay 25 to 50% deposit and balance prior to release from the manufacture for your purchase. This does not mean your appliances are in stock when you pay your deposit this means your appliances when paid in full will be brought in so allow in most cases shipping time to get to your dealer. So if you want a guarantee of stock pay in full at time of the sale.

I hope the above tips and information help you on your shopping journey and save you time and money. 

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