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2015 Whirlpool Front Load laundry Update


It's been 2 years now since Whirlpool Corp launched its new Direct Drive Laundry machines and its been reported that service companies are very happy with the new machines and Customers have been constantly rating these new direct drive machines very high as a matter of fact the Whirlpool.com website has 821 happy customers with an average of 4.6 out of 5 rating and in most cases 5 out of 5 on review sites and popular sales outlet sites.

So why now after so many years are these machines doing better? why are they now more reliable and seem to be getting very little service calls?

2015 Whirlpool Front Load laundry Update
We'll the answer seems to be what Samsung and LG new long ago and that would be Direct Drive Technology!

Direct drive technology has changed how home laundry system do laundry and along with direct drive is Whirlpool's new anti vibration on board control system. These features combined create a perfect 
marriage in function and form.

Owners have commented that its the "best they have ever used"

Hate to say it but for Whirlpool Corp this was not the case for a long time as popularity for the whirlpool brand was declining before this major change.

Stacked option is possible and p
rice points are good and selection is now even better. The front load laundry products available from all manufactures today are now even harder to choose from so if your looking for that great deal don't forget to consider Whirlpool for your next machine.

Top Features

Adaptive Wash Technology
Adaptive Wash technology senses the needs of each load and adapts wash actions so your clothes always look their best and colors stay vibrant wash after wash.
Precision Dispense
Precision Dispense holds detergent and additives and releases detergent at the correct time during the cycle for optimal fabric care. Detergent mixes with water to penetrate fabrics and virtually eliminate pretreating.
14 Adaptive Wash Actions
Up to 14 different adaptive wash actions provide a combination of powerful cleaning and gentle fabric care.

This has been a 2015 Whirlpool Front Load laundry Update

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