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Today's Front Load Washers and Dryers 


With over 90 models of Washer and Dryer sets sold by Major Appliance manufactures its hard for the average person to find a washer and dryer they will be happy with and most turn to  the internet for advise.

Popular sites like Consumers Reports dot org (subscription required) and Reviewed dot com a division of USA Today are both strong review sites and test a handful of these machines and then post there findings and both have even created an award system and number ratings showing what are the best models even though not all models were tested.
My question is will this be enough for you too make your choice in 2015?
What will you think when you visit the store and the salesperson says "don't believe everything you read on the internet" as they don't test all machines. I hate to say it but they are right. 

Online rating company's like ConsumersReports dot org and Reviewed dot com simply can't rate all the models as its to time consuming and very expensive. So what happens is your given a cross section and that's all but what if the model you were looking at was not tested and you bought a different model because of what was said online? Only to find out later the one you were about to buy was the best.

Is it fair as an example to say that if one machine is very basic that you will have less to go wrong? or is that just a wives tale. If a machine has a cycle designed for specific stain treat will it get that job done better? so does having more cycles make a washer better?

How big does a front load washer need to be to do your laundry? Last time I checked companies like Miele and Asko claimed to be able to do a king sized sheet no problem all in a 24" wide washer yet Samsung has a full sized front load washer that is 30" wide.

Samsung's WF9100 6.5 cu.ft Front-Load Washer (Onyx)

Did you know that when manufactures produce machines they are always watching each other and are constantly updating no surprise here. 

A perfect example of this is the Kenmore Brand, a brand that has never built an appliance ever but rather has machines built to carry the Kenmore badge and than sells at Sears only stores. Sears will watch what manufacture is receiving good product ratings and then during its negotiations to purchase that brand from the manufacture request a couple extras to launch itself to the top of any ratings site.

So does this make Kenmore the one to buy? Considering that if you buy Kenmore you will have to solely deal with sears for parts and service.

Most recently Reviewed dot com rated LG and Kenmore #1 (a tie) for front load washer for 2014 and Electrolux for best dryer. Yet ConsumersReports dot org rated Kenmore washer #1 and Samsung #2. Oh wait... depends on what month you read the test I'm sorry... see my point here?

How does this make your decision easy? its not supposed too, its designed to inform you only in hopes that you can make your own decision as they actually did the best they can as a review company.
One driving factor in all tests was the price comparison and feature comparison. This means if a machine had one more feature (or cycle) like in the Kenmore Brands than the next it could get a check mark and move up the ladder yet if its price was more it could get clawed back.
Now the last time I checked a good machine should be tested on performance and reliability? not price right. If you want best price you will have to give up something hence the problem in appliance reviewing as manufactures make more than one model for a reason.
2015 will see big changes as all manufactures now have to follow new rules of manufacturing and focus on value driven model in order to sell appliances with the current economy. This means you will be shown on the sales floors what models are best to last 8 to 10 years and have to meet new energy guidelines. Yes, I said 10 years and that's a whole other story.
I was happy with what was reported in 2014 tests from both Reviewed dot com and ConsumersReports dot org (subscription required).

If I had to say what too watch for in 2015 you will be surprised by my answer. Whirlpool and Maytag (sisters of the Whirlpool Corp) have been climbing the ladder in both consumer reliability ladder and innovation with its upgrading in the past two years to there direct drive and anti vibration systems. 

I have noticed that over 20 sites that I have visited during the writing of this report I noted that Whirlpool machines averaged 4.6 rating out of 5.

Whirlpool Duet wfw72hedw & wed72hedw 

My Conclusion for whirlpool brand to be good price points, good reliability and one to watch. Only problem is can Whirlpool claw back customers lost from the past 8 years of making horrible belt driven machines and losing lots of sales to both LG and Samsung.

One too watch for entry price points with a rumored launch of a full sized laundry set is Blomberg. The ever fast growing company is too debut a new Full sized laundry set later this year.
In summary good luck I wish you all the best in what ever you decide to purchase.

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