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Virtual Flame Induction Range by Samsung

Samsung NE9900H 5.8 cu.ft Electric Induction Range (Stainless Steel)


Induction ranges (Stoves) don't emit flames as they are electric not gas yet Samsung has created a new slide in induction range that shows a blue LED light when in use. This Virtual flame is designed to let the users know when the burner is in use and also what level of heat the burner is at giving the user a comfort level by knowing what heat setting and what burner is in use.


Samsung's new NE9900H range is part of the Chef collection and is available for sale now not only is it a sleek slide in style range but also continues Samsung's line of flex duo oven technology giving the oven a 3 in one option.


The Samsung new Induction range provides a faster, safer and more Precise way to cook compared to gas and electric cooktops. The induction system directly transfers energy to the cookware, which means it’s faster and more accurate than any other method of cooking. So you can instantly adjust the heat to a low simmer for delicate foods or rapidly bring water to the boil and the cooking surface stays cool to touch except the area where the cookware is on.

Instead of using a digital control panel, the Samsung new Induction range unites modern technology with analog control. Its large metal knobs look like the analog ones used on traditional Gas Ranges. So they offer a familiar user experience and are very intuitive and easy to use, but electronically adjust the level of induction heat to ensure precise control.

The Samsung new Induction range has a massive 5.8 cu. ft. capacity oven. So, if you’re preparing a meal for a large family gathering or party, you can cook multiple dishes at once, like trays of cookies or various casserole dishes. Especially as it also has three oven racks – two wire and one gliding. And it can easily accommodate large items, like a big roast or holiday turkey.

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