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What's Hot and What's Not for 2015 In Appliances

CES and KBIS have seen loads of new appliances being rolled out for 2015. For you that don't know Kbis and CES are trade shows held every year showing off all the latest trends and things to come.

 I can confirm that Induction is the HOT word for 2015 and Professional gas ranges go high tech.

                                        Induction at Appliance reports

Induction is not only in cooktops but ranges (stoves) alike. So what's not so HOT are coil top stove's these ranges from days gone by are soon to be only talked about and not seen. Smooth top electric ranges will be around for a while but mark my words when I say Induction is the future and not just cooktops or even ranges... we will see induction in many forms, like making coffee via induction, cooking on a range top, instant hot water via induction and even in your wall oven...

Now, by this time you might be saying to your self heck I don't have cookware that will work with this new induction cooker... well if you have a magnet in your home get it and test your cookware if the magnet sticks to the bottom of the cookware your ready to go with induction and can add new induction cookware later.

Another thing that is very hot topic and has actually been a strugle for many manufactures is color yes color. I know it should be simple right? well not so. It might be simple to say why not this color or that color but what color will sell is what manufactures want to know. Stainless for example is now offcially the longest running best selling color in history for appliance manufactures. No not harvest gold, brown, almond or even and yes you guessed it white. White will always be the standard in most homes but over time has been dying a slow death even though manufactures continue to try and keep the love for white alive.


Look for new colors this year like GE's new slate products or coming soon KitchenAid's new Black Stainless and a large selection of Smudge proof stainless products from Frigidaire and others.

This spring will see many new appliances in stores for 2015 so on this note you will be given a great opportunity and that opportunity is savings. All the 2014 and older versions are now on sale so if you're hunting for a bargain get down to your local appliance store and ask the salespeople whats on sale and what is changing so you can identify the going on sale soon products.

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