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TOP 10 Built-In Fridges

With the economy in a rebound and consumer spending getting better. So is the need for those beautiful things in life so here is the TOP 10 Built-In fridges (not in order) that you can consider for your next renovation or new home build. For years, the built in has been a statement of class and quality in the home. Built in fridges have helped sell homes and have represented in the top houses of the world they have been installed. Built in fridges are not only great looking but are also built with high quality food freshness and food preservation in mind.

1. SubZero


For years, subzero has been building top quality and this year is no different other than Subzero just recently launched its largest selection of built-in and fully integrated built in fridge lineup to date. Models from 18" to 36" and many combinationss now make it easy to fit your lifestyle. If you're asking why a subzero. And not one of these other lovely built fridges well you must remind yourself that Subzero is the innovator the First to market and holds the record of the first freezer in the world to achieve a temp of Subzero hence the iconic name. North American built, and full of commercial feel makes the Subzero a very special fridge and one of the Top 10 Built-In fridges for 2015.

2. Miele


Miele holds a very high standard of quality and build. The Built in series named Miele Master cool is beautiful from its lavish built in LED tower lighting to its touch control panel make it a true luxury fridge. If your looking for that German engineered top quality, Miele might be the one for you.

3. Thermador


Thermador is a Built in fridge product that will give you that German built in look on a less of a sting to your wallet. Also made on German engineered platform Thermador Built-in refrigeration is one to consider. The complete line-up of ready panel models to stainless fronts.

4. Jennair


This is an Iconic North American brand. With strong ties to its factory in Middle Amana, Iowa, you might be wondering how does it relate to Amana, Iowa well this is where fridges for some of the largest fridge manufacturers have been manufactured since 1947. Given this history, Jennair will give you a great build and price point you may be considering a complete selection of sizes and panel ready and stainless fronts. New for 2015 is its black obsidian interior finish with tower led lighting making this one of the Top 10 Built-In refrigerators to watch or look at for 2015.

5. KitchenAid |


The Iconic Kitchenaid brand was started back in 1919 and the late 80's acquired by the Whirlpool Corporation. The KitchenAid Built-in series fridges is an affordable built in a platform with state of the art technology with its variable speed compressor and microprocessor thermister control make this fridge perform very well.

6. Gaggenau


Not unlike its Younger brother Thermador and also part of the BSH family, Gaggenau offers a few extremely beautiful fully integrated options that are built on the pure luxury platform and have a history of top quality.

7. Viking


Viking Corp most recently sold to commercial manufacture The Middleby Corp is that North American commercial flavor for the home. Just likes its Professional style ranges so to can you have a chunky stainless built in fridge. Look to Viking for the pure luxury in commercial form.

8 . Dacor


Dacor for years has been offering products based not only on quality but also on design. Look for decor to continue to match its luxury line of appliances with this beautiful built in fridge lineup both in panel ready and stainless fronts.

9. Liebherr

Another of a high line of built-in products emerge from Germany is Liebherr. It's a well established and Iconic global brand specializing in form and function. Look to Liebherr for bio food fresh and tightly built corners. Liebherr appliances are not only Luxury but affordable too.

10. Fhiaba

This is a stable built not only on a top quality platform but also built with luxury and economy as its primary focus. Fhiaba hails from Italy and like other beautiful things from Italy so is this stunning built in fridge lineup.

Look to these other fine built-in fridges.
Northland (built on a commercial platform)
GE Monogram

If you are wondering what size or model is best for you then we suggest you consult your local designers for help or speak with a local appliance specialty store for differences in these models. Selecting the right fridge for your needs is critical as well knowing what you're paying for and getting the best value.

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