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TOP 10 Under Counter Fridge Drawers

Think beyond the kitchen. Imagine enjoying fresh produce in the master suite, yogurt and juice in the breakfast room, chilled drinks in the gym or media room.

Under counter Refrigerator, Drawers are the ideal addition to your home, both indoor and out. They don’t merely provide extra storage—they also help organize the way you use your kitchen, media room, breakfast room or outdoor entertaining area. Originally Designed to enhance an existing kitchen or to serve as a focal point for your new kitchen. Built in Fridge drawers are available in both stainless door fronts and panel ready models making your new fridge drawers look fabulous.

If you're rethinking your idea of refrigerator or freezer storage, A fridge/freezer combination drawer offers another elegant solution or even consider a new Freezer drawer set for that extra freezer storage in your Kitchen. Two independent drawers let you keep refrigerated and frozen foods conveniently close. With an average of 4.8 cubic feet of total capacity, double-drawer combination's are ideal as a secondary option.

Here is the TOP 10 List of Fridge Drawer manufacturers and brands (Not in order)

1. Subzero

Subzero is the iconic fridge/freezer manufacturer and brand. Subzero is offering the Best in its class. Sizes ranging from 24" wide to 36" wide in various styles and models. Consult the Subzero website at http://subzero.com for a complete information.

2. Jennair 


Jennair Now part of the Whirlpool Corp family is an excellent choice for both panel ready and stainless designed for 2015 with a flush fit for that top quality design in your new kitchen.

3. Kitchenaid

Kitchenaid part of the Whirlpool Corp family tree is a great value leader and a perfect option for matching with its newly redesigned Kitchenaid 2015 line up. Ask your dealer about the all new KitchenAid fridge drawers.

4. AGA Marvel

Marvel built in the USA is a Residential Fridge Drawer manufactured with many versions to fit most budgets. Top quality design with good temp management makes this a beautiful fit in any home. Check out Marvels professional series for outdoor applications.

5. Viking 


Viking is a Professional home kitchen appliance brand with many exciting products Look to Vikings new stainless fridge drawer for your next new home Reno or new home build.

6. True Refrigeration

True is part of a large privately owned and very focused company building beautiful residential and commercial products for may years. Look to True Manufacturing for temp control and focus to detail in the build of this fridge drawer set.

7. GE Monogram 

GE Monogram is the flagship of the GE appliance collection. Newly redesigned Monogram is a perfect commercial style kitchen. Add this drawer set to compliment the new built in fridges from GE.

8. Electrolux 

Many good things come from Sweden and Electrolux is no different. Look to this fridge drawer set to compliment your new counter depth fridge in your new kitchen giving you that extra space for cold drinks and fruit.

9. Summit

Just like many other individual fridges summit has the refrigerator drawers are no different. Look to the summit for the price point and entry drawer sets in the under counter options. Shown here is Summits 3 drawer model.

10. Fisher & Paykel


Shown here is the 36" Fisher & Paykel patented Cool drawer, and it truly is cool. Not only is it cool but it can convert with a push of a button to a freezer now how cool is that? Fisher & Paykel is a New Zealand Corp with substantial business in Australian and Asia markets. North American sales have been growing over the past 30 years, so look to Fisher & Paykel for top quality and good service.

Please visit the various dealers for specs for your application. I hope this list helps you find that special fridge drawer or gives you an option of refrigeration you had previously not thought about. From an outdoor BBQ area, drink storage unit to that indoor bar or Kitchen overflow storage under cabinet drawers are a great addition.
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