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2015 The Best Under- Cabinet Range Hoods

Under-cabinet range hoods used in kitchens where cabinets are located directly on the stove or cook top.

A Perfect place for a non-vented range hood because the hood can attach directly to the overhead cabinets. Vented range hoods, the hood's duct work can get routed through the overhead cabinet, where it is out of sight.

Professional and consumer reviewers say the Broan 413623  (Est. $44) is an exceptional choice for a primary, under-cabinet range hood. It has a fan and light, and, since it requires no venting, it's very easy to install. Don't be confused as this hood is a cheap price for a reason.

Broan 413623

Because it's ductless, this range hood comes at a very economical price. According to professional and consumer reviewers. It performs ok at cleaning the kitchen air of smoke, steam, grease and odors with a two-setting fan that is relatively quiet, users say.

The range hood's light -- an incandescent bulb up to 75 watts -- illuminates evenly over the cooktop. Cleaning is easy; a user just needs to wipe down the hood using a mild detergent. The hood's charcoal filters are not washable; they must be replaced every 12 months with regular use, according to the Broan website.

Consumer-reviewers describe the Broan 413623's look as sleek and unobtrusive. It comes in different widths and a variety of appliance matching colors, including black, stainless steel and white. Consumers looking for a simple, affordable range hood give the Broan 413623 high marks. Of course, not everyone wants a basic range hood.

Those looking for a high-end, under-counter range hood need look no further than the Zephyr Hurricane AK-2500S  (Est. $479)



Its price is heftier yes, but its vent out which tends to remove smoke and odors rather than just recirculate the air. Reviewers say it effectively pulls out smoke, odors, steam and heat, but that all that power translates into a bit of noise with its three-setting fan. Its halogen lights have on-dim-off settings, and some users say the lights get scorching. A self-cleaning feature makes cleaning easy. It also has timed settings to turn the fans off. While the Broan has a one-year limited warranty, the Zephyr has a one-year service repair warranty and a long 10-year parts/lifetime motor warranty.

For consumers on a budget check out the Ak100 series Breeze by Zephyr for a more affordable option.

Not unlike shopping for jewelry range hoods can be a hard task so ask your local dealer to show you all the options they can help you make the best choice for your home.

Top 10 Under-Cabinet Range Hoods (not in order)

- Ventahood
- Zephyr
- Venmar
- Elica
- GE
- Electrolux
- Broan new tone
- Air King
- Maxair
- Euro

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