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2015 Top 10 Dishwashers for the home

The following are ratings from 2014 studies done by Reviewed dot com a USAToday company. I will then show you whats new for 2015 and what you should consider for your next dishwasher and also what the current trends are for new dishwashers in the home. Let's get started.

TOP 3 from Reviewed dot com

First up and rated 10.0 by Reviewed dot com is the Electrolux EI24ID50QS

The second was the GE Profile PDT760SSFSS with a 9.8 rating and third was Samsung DW80H9970US with a 9.4 rating and by now your most likely thinking what about Bosch or KitchenAid? 

Well, you need to look at why you buy a dishwasher. You purchase a dishwasher first and foremost to clean your dishes and then you consider features and sound then how it looks. Unfortunately most people impulse buy a dishwasher. recent studies have shown that when consumers shop for a dishwasher they tend to pick the mid range and the best looking to match other appliances in the kitchen and demand quite. Well when you shop this way you may end up with a dishwasher that has a 5.0 rating but looks great.

My suggestion is go with brands that have best service history, available parts and service and then drill down the features and sound. DO NOT PAY MORE FOR QUITE. If you think 50Dba is too noisy you need to get your ears checked because that is the noise level of boiling water and that's not bad. When you get a dishwasher from 48Dba rating for sound to as low as 44Dba you have now found the sweet spot. A dishwasher that will get you only 38 or 39 Dba noise level will in most cases cost you the most and in some instances upwards of 2500 dollars just because you wanted the most quite dishwasher. 

What you need to tell yourself quite does not clean your dishes. Now with that said paying a high price better do the job this is a kind of common sense at this point.

The reason the Electrolux wins in the reviewed.com tests is because its spreads the most water and controls the heat the best. Bottom line it cleaned the best during the test.

Whats new for 2015.

Bosch - has decided to chase the North American style build for 2015 and make the dishwasher line larger and in turn in my thoughts lose sight of its tight, clean lines of past. The noise stays quiet but too much interior plastics make this new 2015 Bosch a pass for me.

KitchenAid - is rolling out many new changes for 2015 including what will give last years reviewed.com winner a run for its #1 spot. kitchenAids new orbital wash system and high-speed self-clean filter that cycles water through a filter during the whole wash time to insure a decent job every time. These features are not on all models for 2015. Also new will see KitchenAid debut a dishwasher with a window in the door, why? Heck, i do not know and we will have to see what happens. Kitchenaid sound levels start at a low 46Dba and go down to 39Dba for 2015.


Electrolux - Continues with its 2014 past line up and adds a few models with new handles and a couple from what I'm told secrets to be introduced late summer.

Miele - Lunches and attacks with a vengeance for 2015 with a whole new line called the 6000 series. Also Miele will debut its knock to open and new panel ready series dishwasher this spring.


Samsung - Will continue to innovate and has launched the Chef collection products for 2015 check out Samsung for innovation and continued development.

Maytag - seems to be the last of the hard food disposer units to have the previous food disposer system that chops food and moves it along. All other manufactures have adopted the euro style system of clean manual filters. In keeping with the Maytag built to last theme it carries a 10-year motor warranty.

Asko - This Swedish brand is now manufacturing out of Slovakia to reduce build costs and is aggressively changed its marketing as its now being handled by Subzero/wolf Corp in North America. Look to Asko for top line dishwasher offerings to compete direct with Miele and other top named dishwashers.

Blomberg - is launching two new models this spring and they seem to be gaining tremendous ground in the full featured mid-range price point dishwasher segment with stainless interior builds and small Dba level for under 500 dollars. Blomberg should be one to check out if you're looking for a low to mid line product.

Reviewed dot com top 10 lists 2014

Electrolux EI24ID50QSGE Profile PDT760SSFSS
Samsung DW80H9970US
Kenmore Elite 12762
Miele Futura Classic G4225SCU
GE Monogram ZDT800SSFFSS
Frigidaire Gallery FGID2474QF
Kenmore Elite 14683

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