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Bluestar PowR Oven™ Platinum 30" Gas Range

Bluestar Ranges and products Handcrafted in Reading, Pennsylvania. By Prizer Painter Stove Works Company. BlueStar cooking products designed and manufactured for discerning home chefs who demand restaurant-quality results. And are a direct descendant of the Garland commercial line of cooking products from days of the past.

Bluestar Products built with the highest-quality materials and distinctive workmanship that comes from a 130 years expertise. BlueStar by Prizer Painter Stove Works turns up the heat when it comes to home cooking with a fully customizable line to suit the specific cooking needs of the accomplished home chef.

Available in a painter's palette of colors, and with near infinite configuration possibilities, BlueStar premium cooking products deliver restaurant magic to the home kitchen.


The Bluestar PowR Oven™ Platinum 30" Gas Range is the current pinnacle of the Bluestar family and boasts a broad range of luxury features.

The new PowR Oven™ features a power burner located in the oven cavity surrounding the convection fan system.  This convection burner technology commonly used in commercial cooking and provides heat directly into the oven space, enabling faster preheating times and overall enhanced efficiency.  When the power burner is running the convection fan cycles on low speed to promote even heat distribution throughout the oven cavity says Bluestar.


The new 30" Platinum is equipt with an Interchangeable Griddle, and Charbroiler System that comes with six pieces.

(1) Cast iron frame (skirt) that holds the griddle or charbroiler in place
(2) Cast iron, two-sided griddle (flat top that features a smooth and ribbed surface)
(3) & (4) Pair of cast iron, two-sided charbroiler grates that are placed side-by-side
(5) Stainless steel diffuser, to protect the burners when using the charbroiler
(6) Stainless steel cover, if the system is kept permanently on the range


Bluestar has created a unique set of features as it gives the home cook many options you would not usually receive. The 100% cast iron top is a Bluestar feature and the only cooktop like it in the industry. The blue star not only has a cast iron top grate, but the bowl or underside also made of cast iron. Maintaining this top very simple. Any droppings that pass by the burner drop into the built-in drip tray below.

The Oven is large. It can accommodate a large commercial sized cookie sheet. With a heavy duty set of oven racks and one stainless glide out rack for those heavy items makes this a healthy and friendly range.

The burner top is configured with a 25,000 Btu burner, a 22,000 Btu Burner, a 18,000Btu burner and a Dedicated Low simmer burner at 9,000 btu 130 degree simmer.

Low tech and Simple design and massive construction best describe the Bluestar range.

When I cooked using a wok for the first time I was amazed at how well the wok held the heat. I was able to produce a perfect stir fry. One problem that I could see happening is that if you're not paying attention to what you're doing your going to burn your food. It's a real chef's range. I think the range top is amazing, but the oven could use a few tweaks. It's still a very new product.

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