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Bosch Benchmark Single 30" Side Swing Wall Oven

Bosch home appliances based in Munich, Germany, and Bosch, has been a high-end appliance company since 1991. It has raised the standards in appliance efficiency and design and receives top ratings from consumer publications. US headquarters are in Irvine, California, and the company also works out of New Bern, North Carolina. Bosch features state-of-the-art factories for the manufacture of its dishwashers, cooktops, wall ovens, and ranges.

One very popular wall oven is the Bosch Benchmark Single 30" Wall Oven with left or right swing door. This appliance comes with a stainless steel finish. The side opening door designed for easier access to the cavity. This Bosch Benchmark wall oven features color TFT touch control and a telescopic rack for safe access to the oven’s interior. The wall oven is designed to be installed flush to your cabinetry that makes it a decorator’s dream.

If you are a gourmet cook, you will love the performance of this oven. There are 14 specialized cooking codes plus custom food programs. Custom food programs include warm modes, dropping in your frozen foods without pre-heating, a pizza mode for those family pizza nights, and a pie mode if you are a gourmet dessert cook. Customized cooking programs are fantastic for the cook on the go. Bosch’s wall oven also includes genuine European convection. A true European convection oven will have an upper, lower, and rear elements plus a fan. These features provide you with even baking results on all the racks in the oven. You will enjoy the temperature conversion for ease when convection is cooking. Bosch's premier wall oven also features a fast preheat time so your not waiting around.

The Benchmark by Bosch wall oven features EcoClean™ or a two-hour self-clean cycle that provides excellent cleaning when you spill or splatter foods as you cook. You will also find an EcoChef mode retains heat in the cavity to keep foods warmed to perfection.

This remarkable wall oven also provides you with an AutoProbe that helps you determine when your meat properly cooked to perfection. No more guessing if your steaks and roasts are rare, medium or well-done. The probe will give you an easily readable notice when your foods prepared to your specifications.

There are two halogen lights that provide oven illumination, and there is a timer with a cook time and delay start function. This delay start function gives you the ability to schedule your meals without worrying about rushing home to heat up the oven.

Bosch Benchmark also offers an extra-large door window so you can monitor what you are cooking. The classy stainless steel look, with the side opening door, makes this wall oven one of the best on the market. With the name Bosch on the front, you know the manufacturer is quality, and the oven is superior.

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Visit the Bosch website http://www.Boschappliances.com

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