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Comparison Review 30" World Class Fully Integrated Built-In Refrigeration All Fridge


For this review, we are taking a look at the two top industry brands Miele and Subzero. Both these Iconic brands are built based on giving you the best both from design and function and also and most important built to last up to and past 20+ years. In this side by side comparison we are looking at the very famous "Fully Integrated Series" Not to be confused with models that the doors sit proudly these are the fridges that can disappear within your cabinets.

First up is the Miele 30" K 1803 Vi Master Cool Single Door All Refrigerator

As like all premium built in fully integrated fridges the Miele ships panel ready and can accept a stainless door panel at an extra up charge should you wish the stainless look.

The Miele 30" K 1803 Vi has a capacity of 15.95 cu.ft. And stands 84" tall. Miele calls its premium line Master Cool. As its designed with maximum cooling from its unique upper cooling fan system and its lower recirculating fan system sending air in a circular fashion also passing through the fridge door making this a one of a kind design.

The Miele 30" K 1803 Vi  built with a unique heavy duty cantilever hinge system that pulls the door out and away from side cabinets giving easy access to products and crisper's inside. Pulling out the crisper's is no problem for the Miele Master Cool.

One of the essential features and most noted by built in fridge shoppers. Is The Miele Master Cool series are designed with ramp up theater LED lights along in the insides of both side of the refrigerator walls giving maximum light and a unique style.

The Miele K 1803 Vi is a dual bottom compressor fridge with a dedicated compressor for both the refrigerator compartment and the freezer compartment. It's what makes the top class of refrigeration the best. When you have this isolation of fridge to freezer, you get the best performance and also create an environment that prolongs the shelf life of your food saving you money and keeping your food best tasting for a long time.

One flaw we have noticed with the Miele master cool system is the lack of ease of service. It's very expensive and time consuming as all Miele Master cool systems require the unit to be de-installed. So that service can be performed from the bottom of the fridge in more than 70% of any sealed or compressor service.

Added is a lack of overall storage compared to other brands because of its one piece interior design and the upper cooling system making this the smallest of internal storage units in its class.

The Miele K 1803 Vi comes with a factory one-year warranty and Miele gives you an upcharge option for a five year or amazing 10-year warranty package direct from Miele.

Subzero IC-30R Single Door all Refrigerator

The Subzero IC-30R is available in three configurations panel ready, tube style handles stainless door and also pro handle stainless door.


"According to the official company history, Bakke invented the first free-standing freezer in 1943.They also claim to have been the first to manufacture built-in refrigerators, beginning in the 1950's and consequently many people still associate the look with Sub-Zero."

Source: Wikipedia

The Subzero IC-30R all fridge carry's a 17.3 cu.ft. Capacity is making this the largest in its class. Other brands have larger capacity. But like I said this was a dual compressor type fridge with E-star ratings.
The Subzero IC-30R has a unique heavy duty steel sliding hinge system. Designed to last a very long time and can carry heavy custom doors. Interior of the IC-30R not only is large but has five door storage units vs. the Miele 4. Yet the Miele can get adjusted and configured for taller items.

The Subzero IC-30R is unique in that Subzero has designed the unit to be serviced in space without removal giving servicers access via its custom back interior panel to the sealed system. Upper led lights updated for 2014/15 models.


In keeping with food preservation and innovation subzero has added a Air purification system (not a filter). To its new products this system is designed to kill all bacteria 99.9% of the time adding to its focus on food preservation.

Subzero for 2014/15 has also added new shelves with porcelain nanotechnology to prevent spills from running off the edges and added a new led control scroll panel for access to all the fridge settings.

New for 2014/15 Subzero in all its fully integrated series has also made filtered water an option not found on most fully integrated fridges.


Subzero fully integrated fridges come out of the box with the world's best warranty a two year 100% full coverage, six years sealed system coverage and 12-year compressor warranty. If professionally installed via a certified installer you get an extra year free giving you a three-year warranty.

Miele also has a second year no charge warranty with its professional install offer.
As far as the rice you will pay slightly less not much for the Miele 30 vs. the Subzero but from what we can tell Subzero is the clear front runner currently based on this comparison.

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