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The "Perfect" Kitchen

What is The Perfect Kitchen?

Why do we need Perfect? For most folks perfect is not required nor expected its just wished yet not expected. To have an ideal kitchen would be to have the best of times spent with family and friends enjoying a good meal while sharing tales of laughter.


For some, it's having that perfect steak or complete desert but for most they simply want that peace and that warm feeling you had when you were a child. The childhood memories of walking into a kitchen filled with hope and warm thoughts and the smell of something fantastic cooking.


The kitchen is cared for with a simple coat of paint, changing of appliances or bringing home that delivery of food for that particular event. The kitchen has a warm feeling of its own that comforts you so that you can think and ponder.

For millions in the world, a kitchen is only a dream never mind having The Perfect kitchen.

When you are shopping for your next appliances to building that particular place for your family remember that it's not for the now it's for the memories you are going to create. It's for the special times to come, and it's for those times when you need it the most.

To be concerned about the price of an appliance is normal as many machines can be expensive, Purchase what you can afford or are willing to finance. If color is important, don't change your mind because that is what will make your heart warm when you wake up in the morning. Don't be concerned about how many burners your gas stove will need as you will adapt and don't ever worry about space in the fridge because somehow it always fits. Do not care about what others will think this is going to be your new perfect kitchen.


Many things happen in the kitchen. We share, we argue, we learn and we wait.

For all the spaces on earth for me personally I say my most favorite place is in the kitchen. It's where I first saw my now wife while visiting a friend's party. It's where I learned I was having my first child and its where I last saw my grandmother making me baked cookies to celebrate my promotion at work. For me, the perfect kitchen is that particular place, it's always following me from where ever I am to where ever I'm going.

It does not matter who you are. The kitchen is always that particular place you feel safe you feel at home.


To The "Perfect" kitchen, I say thank you for the memories and thank you for being my "perfect" kitchen.

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