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Today's Toy Kitchen's with High-End Appliances


It’s a modern makeover that mirrors significant changes with real food and cooking. Sparked by an interest among children in the foodie culture. And the popularity of reality TV cooking shows, manufactures say they have updated their food toys. Now offering everything from veggie burgers and stir fry to miniature coffee makers that resemble Keurig beverage dispensers, single-serve pods included.

“Childhood is about preparing for real life and mimicking what you see your parents and adults doing around you”. Says Melissa Bernstein, Co-founder of toy company Melissa & Doug, which will release a toy rotisserie chicken set this year for $50. With the importance of real-life modeling in mind, she says, it is important that toys—especially those that encourage educational role play, like cooking—keep up with the times.

Toymakers are responding to this shift in cultural attitudes, too. Matan Wolfson, U.S. director of sales for Dallas-based children’s toy and furniture manufacturer KidKraft. Says that largely in response to parent demand for more gender-neutral play kitchenware, the company released the Uptown Espresso Kitchen ($155) three years ago.

The set features a small refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher and cordless phone in a more muted, stainless-steel palette that appeals to both sexes. Promotional materials feature boys and girls.

The Uptown Espresso is now the company’s best-selling model. Mr. Wolfson says KidKraft has sold over 150,000 worldwide, with 75% of those sales in the U.S.


uptown espresso kitchen
Item Number: 53260
Item Weight: 74 lbs.
Time to cook up a little fun! Our Uptown Espresso Kitchen has a hip, modern look that young chefs are sure to love
This wooden kitchen is full of fun details like a cordless phone and a chalkboard for writing the daily specials
Large enough that multiple children can play at once
Refrigerator, freezer, microwave, oven and dishwasher doors all open and close
Cordless phone
Paper towel holder
Chalkboard surface on the freezer
Removable sink for quick and easy cleaning
Innovative speckled countertop design
Convenient storage space above the sink
Made of composite wood products
Packaged with detailed, step-by-step assembly instructions

Dimensions: 43 in L x 17.75 in W x 41 in H

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