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Convection Oven vs Non-Convection Oven


Ever since we came up with the idea of creating chambers that could help us cook our food properly, we have been making new designs and coming up with new technological ideas that can help us achieve an even more precise cooking experience. In this article, we are going to be talking about the difference between convection and non-convection ovens and this will help us find out which one is going to be better for our needs. 

What is a convection oven?

The main difference between a regular oven and a convection oven is that the convection models have a fan in the back of the oven chamber. When the oven is turned on, the fan is going to pull air in and then blow air all over the inside of the oven chamber and this will promote faster and better heating which will be evenly spread through the food that is being cooked. This is also going to increase the speed in which food will cook and you will notice that the browning of the food will be quite even. When you use a conventional oven there is no way to ensure that the heat will be distributed to every area with an even result. 

Maximizing the benefits of convection ovens

The best way to maximize the way in which you cook with these ovens is to start using pans that have very low sides. The more exposed the food is, the better the convection oven will perform every time you cook. Anything that is inside a covered dish is not meant to be cooked with convection ovens. This is a good thing to know and understand about convection.  

Which one should you buy?

To be honest with you, the convection oven is definitely an oven for people who like to cook food at a whole new level. There is nothing more important than being able to cook meat and desserts to perfection and this is especially important when you are in the restaurant business or you have any kind of catering service.
If you only need an oven for cooking at home, you might be ok with a conventional oven, but if you have any serious appreciation for cooking, you will definitely want to have a convection oven around. This is going to make cooking a lot more precise and enjoyable for you and it will certainly make the food taste a lot better for your family or guests.

Is there only one style of Convection Oven?

That is a very good question because there are two options in convection ovens. First you have a simple and more basic convection that is just a fan system and second you have what in the industry is called euro convection or true convection.

The Euro convection system introduces an element in front of the fan so that when the air passes by the fan its heated and works with the convection fan. On some ranges, you will get the added benefit of pre-made modes to take advantage of this euro convection like convection bake or convection broil.


The truth is that anyone could find the convection oven to be ideal if they have a great appreciation for cooking. If you buy a convection oven and you usually cook food that is inside of dishes, you are not going to get proper results from a convection oven, but you will when you allow the food to be completely exposed to the hot air that is circulating evenly inside the chamber. 

Now that you have enough information about this particular kind of oven, we invite you to take the time to decide what one is going to be the best for you. If you want an expert’s opinion, they would probably tell you that it will depend on the kind of food you cook and the level of involvement you want to have in the cooking process. 

With this said, the convection oven is definitely a more accurate method for cooking all kinds of dishes and desserts. You are going to have much better control with evenly cooked foods and that is the most important reason why convection ovens are the optimal cooking experience. 

Stay happy and get cooking

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