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Top 10 Tips When Shopping for a Freezer


Did you just come home with a tub of ice cream only to find out that your freezer had no room? Or how about that trip to the market you are planning to take advantage of seasonal berries for your favorite breakfast. Here are the Top 10 Tips When Shopping for a Freezer.

1. First you should think about how you will be using the freezer? I mean yes its a freezer duh! If you are thinking I need to store stuff that I buy at the shop it's not that simple. Ok well, what will be in the freezer and how often will you be accessing that stuff? If you are going to be accessing items from your freezer on a regular basis like maybe 3 or 4 times a week then you are a perfect candidate for a frost free freezer. If you are looking to get a new freezer because you need to store over time like seasonal berries or that bulk deal on bread then you will want a manual defrost freezer.

Now, you might be thinking I don't want to clean my manual freezer and have to defrost it, so I think I need a frost free. We'll remember a frost free freezer goes into defrosting approx every three hours and introduces heat hence why you can get freezer burn and spoil those items you wanted in three months.

"If your new freezer is kept clean and you store items inside in an organized manner you will be okay and won't have a frost build up causing you freezing issues." 

2. What type of freezer would work best for you? you will be asked do you want an upright or a chest freezer or even possibly freezer drawers. Keep in mind that one is not better than the other. These types are available because they can serve many different uses. Chest freezers are best for bulk and long term storage as the items in the freezer actually help when frozen hold the climate and save you energy. Unfortunately, a chest freezer is much more aukward to work with in that it is a large box in most cases. Chest freezers are all manual defrost. Chest freezers would be best for say that side of beef or that summer fishing trip with less access needed to the product you're storing. Upright freezers are available in both manual and frost free. Freezer drawers are a very high-end appliance and can be found in many cases as a support tool in the kitchen as they are much smaller in storage in comparison. frost free freezers do get better rating for holding temp but during defrost do introduce that heat that is a problem for long lasting items

3. How much space do you have to put a freezer in or around your home? It's a very important question because it will take you direct to the best method of storage. If you have a small space an upright will be best and actually uprights are most popular because of the wide range of sizes and styles. An example is if you were trying to think of where to put a freezer what about stacking your washer and dryer front load set and placing an upright freezer beside them to make best use of that space. The footprint of all upright freezers is small from 24" by 24" to 30" by 30" giving you many options.

4. Where in the home will you want the freezer? If you are looking for a freezer for your kitchen, you might wish to consider freezer drawers or a stand-alone upright freezer. Upright freezers found in the kitchen can be found in many styles from freestanding, counter depth and built into fully integrated built-in methods.

5. Think about what color you might want your freezer to be? Yes, these freezers can be found in white most common yet you will have options for stainless, black and in some cases many colors from specialty manufacturers.

6. What is your budget for a freezer that you might want? If your shopping for that extra storage you can get chest freezers very inexpensive but if you're falling for the freezer drawers you might wish to have a seat because they can run in the thousands.

7. What are some of the quality differences? are all freezers built the same? NO, chest freezers in North Amercian market are most commonly found manufactured by Whirlpool Corp under a few brand names such as Whirlpool or Amana and Maytag or Electrolux Corp under the Frigidaire or Westinghouse brands and then we have many smaller freezers built by importers like Hier, Igloo or Danby. Better built freezers in chest style will have better lids and one piece inside boxes. Top end freezers will have built-in temp alarms to warn you if the freezer is changing in temp so you don't run a risk of food loss. Upright freezers have similar traits in construction but are more flexible inside with adjustable shelves and better interior storage bins just like what you would find in your fridge. If you are looking at top end kitchen freezers like found in built-in styles like subzero or Miele or Thermadore you will want to do much more research in direct side by side comparisons.

8. Some freezers are now being designed and manufactured to work and operate outdoors. When considering this style make sure you ask about and look close at the construction and design. As freezers will only work outside when within its set limits if the outside temperature drops below the freezers limits you will have a problem and hence outdoor models are designed to deal with this issue.

9. Hey, wait you didn't tell us about these freezer drawers? Currently found in only a few manufacturers freezer drawers are just what, I said a drawer style freezer with an upper and lower storage compartment or a single style unit with only one drawer. These freezer drawers are great additions to that built-in style kitchen. Found in both stainless door or ready panel models and various sizes from most typical 24" wide to a 36" wide.

10. Energy use. New freezers today are governed by energy standards and like in many cases manufacturers vary in how they rate to the guide mandated by the standards. No worries because the freezers today are very efficient and in most cases are excellent on energy use and are built to E-star standards. All freezers sold must display a yellow tag showing that freezers rating and energy consumption.

Bottom line you must consider all your options as you do have many and make the right choice for your long-term use. good luck.

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