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Kitchen Refrigerator Replacement Quick Tip


You just got done taking your significant other out for dinner. You come home, and go to put your leftovers away in the fridge. When you pull open the door, there’s no rush of cool air like normal. What you get instead is lukewarm, almost tepid, breeze hitting you in the face. Well, darn. It looks like you’re not the only one that went out tonight, your refrigerator decided to join you on the trip.

Unfortunately, fridges are not an inexpensive appliance to have to replace. Fortunately, we’re here to help provide you the best wallet-friendly fridges for you to replace your old one with. Now shut that door, and keep what cool air is left in there!

Kenmore 78022


It’s not pretty, but when on a budget, pretty sometimes gets set to the side.  Such is the case with the Kenmore 78022, a bottom freezer refrigerator with a pretty massive 22.1 cubic foot storage space. It’s functional and serves its purpose well, but it’ll never win any awards in the looks category.

Kenmore is Sears’ appliance brand, but what they excel at is buying the rights to other brands appliances and rebranding. The 78022 is no exception; they’ve used the body from LG, which works well in this case. LG has a reputation for building standout bottom freezers, and it’s the same here.
One of the only bad things found with this refrigerator is the bottom freezer.

What you’d expect is a drawer freezer, which is what most standard brands have. In this situation, what you get is a hinged door on the bottom, which can be a little pesky to open.

The fridge normally sells on Sears’ appliance floor for anywhere from $800 - $1100, so it’s definitely at the bottom end of the cost spectrum. If you can get past the design flaw on the freezer, it’s tough to go wrong with this fridge.

Frigidaire FGTR1845QF

This fridge is one of the smaller ones on this list, but when people say sometimes good things come in small packages, they weren’t lying. The FGTR1845QF is a budget friendly option on a market normally dominated by refrigerators with premium features. It comes with no frills, and it has a simple design, but for the price point, you couldn’t expect much more.

Just because it’s a simple design doesn’t mean it doesn’t look good. On the exterior, you’d be excused for mistaking this for a little higher end model. If you have kids, this fridge is going to be one of your best friends: its design and finish is supposed to resist fingerprints. It’s one less thing to clean when having to clean the kitchen!

For the price, however, it’s tough to overlook the good things about this fridge. It looks classy - it has the same finish as the higher end Frigidaire models - and it passed CNET’s leak test with flying colors.  In addition, the temperature averages in the fridge are actually pretty accurate, something you don’t get with every fridge.

On the temperature side, however, the doors and drawers do tend to run a little warmer. In addition, the shelves are no way near fun if you need to remove them or readjust them, but to be fair, most shelves aren’t. This fridge has a couple flaws, but nothing that should really be considered a deal breaker.

With a price ranging from $700 to $1000, it’s tough to really complain about a lot. If you can deal with your doors and drawers running a little warmer than the temperature setting shows, then the Frigidaire FGTR1845QF might be the right fridge for you.


Another fingerprint resistant fridge, and the lowest priced fridge on our list, the GE GTE18GMHES is our award winner for the best budget fridge. Sporting an attractive slate finish, and offering great cooling performance, the GE deserves its place at the top of our list.

The GE is also the smallest cubic footage on our list, at only 17.5 cubic feet. That being said, though, it managed to hold bulky items better than the Frigidaire FGTR1845QF, which placed second on our list. Not too shabby for a fridge that technically has less room.

It does come with a lack of features, which is to be expected at the price point it sells at. This fridge is designed to be perfect for the economical consumer, so don’t expect any of the frills you’ll get with the higher end models. It also only has a single temperature dial, which is surprising given a number of refrigerators on the market that have multiples.

The good definitely outweighs the bad, however. A fridge is nothing if it doesn’t keep cool, and the GE over performs on what it’s designed to do. There are no troublesome warm spots in the fridge, although since it only has the single dial, temperature does tend to fluctuate in the fridge. And say what you want about the slate finish, it definitely looks better than the off-white that you’ll get from most fridges in this price range. It definitely makes it a little easier on the eyes when you walk into the kitchen.

Ranging from $650 to $800 in price, it’s going to be next to impossible to find a fridge that is this quality in that price range. It’s one of those gems that you sometimes stumble across, and it’s best to dig it up while you can.

Hopefully, our list will help you get your fridge replaced in no time. A fridge is not only one of the most important items in the kitchen, it’s probably the item that’s used most often. Because of that, it’s important to be able to replace it sooner rather than later.

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