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KitchenAid Black Stainless


Update, Kitchenaid Black Stainless

A very nice option if you are looking for a change from the current norm. Stainless itself is nice, but the fingerprints and having to stay on top of cleaning can become aggravating. Now before we talk anymore let me be clear for some Kitchenaid has been not so nice, and they have had issues in the past with this brand. One thing you folks need to know is this is the new KitchenAid as KitchenAid has not had a good update in years, and its time. Not only do they have a new look they have many new models and have updated models that had issues in the past. Today's KitchenAid is very much so a new line of very nice appliances with high value.

KitchenAid has developed a very nice finish to the already very popular stainless, it has infused via a powder coat process the color black into the actual stainless giving the stainless a warm and beautiful look. In my first test fingerprints can be seen but not like on the stainless I would best compare it to what you would see on white appliances. The fingerprints are there but not shown as much as on straight stainless.


The color again is comforting and not as bold as black would be. It's not shiny yet classy. All the popular models are available in black stainless. I noticed they don't have an electric or gas range yet in this color, and if this new color is to be popular, I'm sure this will get added at some point. For now Black Stainless Kitchenaid is focusing on built-in appliance models.

One thing I liked and noticed first was the chrome accents on the products. The BlackStainless is accented by lovely trim features in chrome and brushed hardware giving this product and even more appealing look and feel.


An item you have to check out is the new five-door full capacity fridge. If you are looking for large storage, this is the one for you. It's currently not available in a counter depth version, and that's sad because it's very nice. Features like under shelve lighting and oh yea don't let me forget to mention the auto close and soft close drawers. These things are amazing, in my test I closed the herb drawer relatively quickly and the drawer seemed to take over and gently closed itself. I was impressed.

When you open the french doors the fridge simply wow's you with color and so much room. Well, folks, this was supposed to be a quick update and not a long update. Get to your local Kitchenaid dealer and check out the NEW Black Stainless appliances.

Keep Cooking and be happy!