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LG New Diamond Collection


When we think about electronic brands, we can think about a lot of names, for example, Sony or Apple, or course this is going to vary depending on what you need. For example, let’s say you are looking for computers. You will probably think about Hewlett-Packard or Dell. If you want a good TV, maybe the best choice would be Sony. If you wish to buy a new kitchen or a new refrigerator we are sure that one of the brands that will come to your mind immediately is LG. LG is one of the best home appliance brands in the world and is best known for its excellent quality.

LG is a huge South Korean multinational. The company has five divisions: Mobile Communications, Home Appliances, Home Entertainment, Energy solutions and Air conditioning. So basically they cover all our needs, providing us with great products with the best quality in the market.

This time we will focus on the new LG collection: The New LG Diamond Collection products. It's a gorgeous collection that will give you lots of new and amazing options of kitchen design. Like you have never seen before, so if you are looking for a perfect kitchen, this collection is your best choice.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer light tones or dark tones, or if you want bright spaces where you can cook with total comfort. The diamond collections have all this characteristics and more because the LG Diamond Collection will work correctly with lots of kitchen styles. One of its advantages is that this collection makes every appliance smudge and fingerprint resistant. It has a stainless steel coat topped with a protective coating and a darker hue, so if you want to clean it, dry cloth will bring back the original luster. This collection has a door in the door that provides you very quick and easy access to your beverages and food. On the other hand with the LG True Stream, you get the best cleaning performance, so you are not going to need to pre-washing.

Some of the appliances included in this amazing LG New Diamond collection are a 30 CU.FT 4 door French door refrigerator with a custom chill drawer, also a 6.1.cu. Ft. Capacity Gas Double Oven Range with a super boil, a dishwasher top control, true stream, among other products.


This new range of home appliances has a sophisticated, stylish design, and we can say that this collection is moving back to the glamor of black. Because even when there’s an addition of white and traditional stainless steel, the black stainless steel finish makes a presence especially in the luxury market, which fits the Diamond Collection perfectly.

One of the main differences between this new Diamond collection and others from the competition is that it changes the stainless steel look that has become a standard in most of the kitchens and houses around the world. With a satin-smooth, modern and warm finish like no other appliances will offer. The LG Diamond Collection created with a base of stainless steel with a darker hue. At the end they added a protective Nano–ceramic coating, so all your appliances, the microwave, refrigerator, range and dishwasher will be all fingerprint resistant. It's a great advantage especially when you are going to clean the machine because you won’t have to spend a long time doing it.

So if you are looking for comfort, luxury, quality and most of all, if you want to have a beautiful kitchen, the LG Diamond Collection is the best option for you.