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New KitchenAid Electric Freestanding Front Control Range


Model # KSEG700EWH

The New KitchenAid Electric Freestanding Front Control Range has been redesigned with some outstanding features. The range is available in three colors white, black and stainless steel. The handles and knobs are all stainless steel and give the range a professional and high-end look even though it has a mid-price range. Since the range is a freestanding front control you will find it convenient to install it anywhere that there is a 240 volt outlet. The range can be used for cooking, oven baking, broiling and warming.

Top of the stove cooking

One of the best features in the KitchenAid Electric Freestanding Range Architect Series is that you get an induction, ceramic glass top of the stove cooking. The five burners that the stove top is equipped with give you a wide range of cooking choices and can be used for a variety of recipes. There are two burners in the front of the range and three at the back out of which one is for warming only. The warming element is a great feature as it allows you to keep cooked food warm without it cooking. The cook top can be customized according to your pot size. The left burner can be adjusted for pots that range from 6 to12 inches. The right burner has an adjustable heat setting that can be adjusted for very high to very low heat settings. The burners are controlled by the four stainless steel knobs at the front while the back center burner, used only for warming, is controlled through the display panel. The Even-Heat Ultra Element supplies consistent heat so that you do not get any hot and cool spots.

Extremely large oven

The New KitchenAid Electric Front Control Range will fit in the largest turkey as it has a capacity of 6.2 cubic feet. There are two standard racks and a maximum capacity rack to take in the load of the large and heavy turkey! The good part is that you can easily move the racks to any of the seven height positions it has. This allows food to get evenly baked on all sides. The oven also has an incandescent light and huge glass door which make it is easy to see into the oven and reduces frequent door opening to check food. At the bottom of the oven there is extra storage space that glides out smoothly even when weighed down with pots and pans.

Traditional and Convection baking

You could say that the oven is traditional in the sense that it has a traditional bake mode, open door broil, bread proof and also keep warm features. What is different is that it has two convection modes one for the traditional bake, broil and roast and the other which is called Easy Convect conversion feature that is particularly useful for pizzas, baked goods, meats and French fries. One slight hitch in having two kinds of convection modes is that it takes a while to understand the feature. The second issue though is that the traditional convection mode does not automatically convert so you have to remember to use the Easy Convect conversion feature when you change the food you want to bake.

Steam and broil advantages

Another added feature in the oven is that they have introduced steam baking. You just need to add some water in the tray and use the steam bake mode if you want your cakes to be a bit moist or don’t want foods to dry up if they take a bit longer to bake. Even-Heat True Convection System ensures that any food that is baked gets consistent heat on all rack heights and you get food that is evenly cooked. There is no problem in broiling either as you can broil thick cuts or uneven pieces of meat, fish and poultry with the versatile broiling feature.

Display panel

The display panel on the KitchenAid Electric Freestanding Range Architect Series has an easy to use touch glass panel to activate the oven controls. A lot of thought and planning has gone into making the glass touch controls easy to use. The display features a number pad that allows you to set the time, temperature and clock. It also has an oven control lock so that the oven does not switch on when it is not supervised for oven use. It also prevents control changes from setting off the oven controls inadvertently. The control panel allows you to have settings for timed cooking, delay start, bread proofing and keep warm. There is also a 12 hour shut off feature for Sabbath and holiday modes. The warming drawer at the bottom is also controlled through the touch control panel. This is convenient for keeping cooked foods warm without over cooking.


Cleaning may still be a little worrisome as ceramic glass is a bit difficult to clean. So the moment there is a spill, make sure you wipe it clean before it has a chance to solidify. The oven can be cleaned with the AquaLift, which is a 40-minute self-clean cycle. All you need to do is remove the racks and the loose food, wipe the splatters on the oven walls when you are done for the day. Next pour two cups of water at the bottom of the oven and this will steam up and clean out the grease. This is possible because there is an innovative coating at the bottom of the oven that gets activated with water and heat to release moisture from underneath so that food and debris can be wiped clean easily.

New features

One additional feature in the new KitchenAid Electric Front Control Range is that they have added a thick protective cover that will protect drips from getting into the glass door of the oven and so will keep it clean which was an issue earlier. Another troublesome feature they have removed is the fan and now there is a ventilation system to prevent heating as the fan was posing certain problems.

Check out this video review to see all the features and style of this range


If you’re looking for a well featured Range with style this is the one for you. Also check out KitchenAid for other range options for the cook looking to do more. KitchenAid is also a full line manufacturer so that all your appliances can be the same brand with matching handles.

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