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Whirlpool Corp. American Manufacturing Makes a Comeback to U.S.A


Since 2012 American manufacturing company Whirlpool Corp world's, largest Appliance manufacturer has been moving a large part of its North Amercian products back to the U.S.A from China. Whirlpool Corp. consolidates its North American marketed products back into the US to save on costs from shipping and labor as China see's a surge in labor rates in China.

On that note Whirlpool Corp has also completed a purchase of Sanyo Manufacturing China that will supply products to both North American and Europe. Good news for Americans looking for work as Whirlpool Corp expands and builds new plants stateside and also re-hires past employees giving a surge in employment back into areas that were previously upset from the plants past closures.


The iconic and favorite Kitchenaid brand of mixers and other products is the most recent to move out of China and back to the US. With Americans working on re-building its losses to other countries and climbing out of one of the worst recessions in history this is great news for many.

This is very positive news for North Americans as a whole in that Whirlpool Corp. Not only sees the value in its local manufacturing but Americans now realize that to stay competitive we need to support local now more than ever.

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