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New styles of Cooking Ranges


When shopping for a new cooking range for your home you will need to know what you're looking at to make best a buying decision.

The appliance industry today has a new category of range. First off let's recap what styles of ranges we have had in the past and then discuss why we have a new style or should I say design.

Previously we had two style's a Free standing design range with a console on the back shown here.


The ranges where you will have knobs on the back of the range to control your surface burners.

Then we have the other style that is called slide in shown here.


This style or should I say a design that has the knobs and oven controls at the front of the range. In most cases has a burner surface that sits on your counter top. All three sides, left, right and back yet also leaving a gap at the back that will need a filler strip or a custom table top design.

Yes, both these range types slide into the designated space for your stove in your kitchen but the slide in style is more of an outline form of a built-in appliance and looks much nicer in most cases. Only issue is with a beautiful design comes built in problems. This require's special attention and this would be ventilation built into the range so that heat can be released, and we will talk more about this when we discuss the new style.

Many people have asked me can one range be better than the other? The answer is based solely on your design choice as they both cook the same.

Now, let's start talking about the new style that has been innovated and compare. The new technique is called "Front Control" as shown below.


 Now this is not a slide in design or to be confused with slide in a model as they are much different, and we will discuss this.

The new Front Control ranges are full depth like the freestanding ranges yet have all the controls for the surface burners and oven controls at the front of the cooker rather than the back. Access to all your controls is better as your not reaching over your hot cookware.

The new Front Control cookers also in most cases have enormous oven capacity both in height and in depth. Have a tiny storage or warming or even backing drawer. Why would they have a small drawer you might ask, well with the new home design most kitchens are equipt with loads of storage and the lower oven drawers are simply no longer required.

The new front control ranges being full depth also have naturally vented oven heat and surface burner heat via open vent holes on the back guard area of the cooking range. When looking at the range it's almost like it has a ventilation system built in but do not be confused you still require a ventilation system as this is not a vent on the range.

Front control electric cooking ranges are manufactured buy the Whirlpool Corp. It's various brands such as Kitchenaid and Whirlpool and Maytag have a new self-clean system called Aqua lift. It's not a clean steam system but rather a new cleaning system that on the new front control ranges and works very well by helping with previous problems seen on older kitchen ranges.

Problems such as a control board failure from high heat self-clean and oven door lock failure due to only being used during rare self-clean times. This is very common and a huge problem. Also, surface burner failures do to lack of proper ventilation have been addressed by this new design.

So to recap we now have 3 styles of ranges now, Freestanding, slide in and front control. Other upper-level products like the wolf range or the Miele range are considered professional front control products.

I hope this help you in your hunt for your next range.

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