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 Range Hoods Can Make The Kitchen Look Amazing


For many years, kitchen ventilation was not used or even considered as we didn't know if range hoods were needed or if they worked.

In many cases, they didn't work and more or less only frustrated people with loud noises and ugly looks in the kitchen. This is still true in many instances today. Millions of people have been relying on others. Such as home builders and designers to decide best what is best for them.

Today many range hoods are manufactured based on price points. Most are built overseas to save on manufacturing costs. It's not a bad thing as we all like to save money and still have functionality in our kitchen space. But overseas usually means cheap and poor quality, as the manufacturers don't want to build products they can't sell potentially and the market, is flooded with too many choices.

Less quality and the sacrifice of reliability in making seems to be the trend unless you're willing to invest.

One company that has focused on value and quality and yes is manufactured mostly overseas is Zephyr. You might not know this brand, but it knows you. Zephyr range hoods owned by the same corporation that owns many range hood brands such as Broan-Nutone and Best.

When shopping for range hoods you, unfortunately, have many things you need to consider, and it's not easy I know. Who knew you are required to meet building codes when installing a range hood?

Why well it seems, you can pass out in your kitchen if all the air in your home is sucked out by your over powered hood unless you have installed what is called makeup air. Make up air is a system that recovers lost air on the home when you use your new hood.

Zephyr range hoods are built on the Italian line of design mostly, and yet they do have an extensive selection of styles to choose. Here are a few of my favorites based on both style and quality after I have inspected and used them personally. Price also has been excellent for these models. If you like what you see, I do recommend Zephyr hoods as one to check out.

If budget is not a concern and you want a beautiful island hood that actually can be considered art, I would recommend the Zephyr Cheng collections Trapeze hood. Price range depends on size but expects to spend about four to six thousand for the piece of art.


For the basic under cabinet style hoods with low cfm try the famous Zephyr Breeze AK1100S this is a hood with 250cfm and halogen lights and let me tell you it works very nice. Price Compare at $219.00.


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