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How Would You Like To Taste Recipes Before You Cook Them?


BUD is a tabletop game concept that synthesizes flavor from a recipe for pre-cooking sampling

The BUD is a tabletop device with a touchscreen and a “printer” that can cook up a flavor. Although just a concept for now, the BUD offers a possible kitchen future where flavors can be tried out before anyone invests in the pursuit of a recipe.

The product was designed by Sloman Palovis, a product designer from Lithuania.

It is currently competing in the Electrolux’s Design Lab, a yearly concept-driven product design competition that rewards the best ideas with cash prizes and internship positions in the Swedish multinational appliance company.

This year’s theme, Healthy Happy Kids, touches on the importance of the home in the growth of children. The competition called for designers who can create appliances that will make the home more conducive to the positive development of the kids.

Sloman’s BUD will not be just a mere “taste” printer, it will be an independent system that has engaging games about food and nutrition. The aim of the BUD is for children to be more intimately engaged and explorative in their eating habits.

Martin Alexandersson, head of design at Electrolux global, says of the concept:

I think this idea is combining the Internet and food preparation in a smart and intuitive way. The concept is neat, and I like the design and the idea a lot. Trying out different tastes could be great fun, even if the result doesn’t taste so nice.

Although the device will let children play with flavor, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are playing with their food. The device will feature SAMPLERS, the sticks where the flavors are “printed” unto.

The concept machine has space for five of the SAMPLEERS to make it an ideal family activity.


While there are a myriad ways to simulate what we see, touch, feel and hear, our sense of taste seem to have a little technology to play with. However, a theory suggests that creating flavors is just like mixing primary colors to create any color. PSFK has already reported on high-tech food stuff like 3D-printed Oreos or flavored mist. A kitchen top flavor generator shouldn’t be far off.

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