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Who Makes A Washer Like I Had 25 Years Ago?

Years ago washers (Top Load Style) were built to last not because we knew that's what we wanted but rather that's the best we could build with what we had. We did not have the internet and fancy design tools like today. The tools we had used clunky components and thick steel bodies.

Today we have technology that allows us to build machines to execute standards and take advantage of the design. Does this make a better machine to be used to wash our clothes? Nope.

It makes us design machines that can take advantage of cost factors first and ecology second and us third. One manufacturer still has a washer and dryer set that seems to have gotten caught in a time warp. A machine that is now once again rocketing to the top of the best sellers list because it has in most cases not changed from over 30 years ago. That Brand is SpeedQueen or Huebsch in other Areas of the world such as Canada.

Huebsch is a brand that has a clothes washer with a water level control, and a full set of mechanical controls. Now don't get us wrong they do make other machines that conform to the current status but this one model is unique. It's just like what your grandparents had and just like its big brother from the commercial laundry we used to see on every street corner many years ago.

For those of you that know it fills with an enormous amount of water and has an agitator in the middle. It has a timer, and when you lift the lid, the machine can stop.

Years ago your parents made colorful clothes called Tie-Die. They will know what I'm talking. Those are the shirts that had many colors from that 60's era. These washers from times gone by did one thing very well and that was get the clothes clean.

They lasted because they were designed strong. Average life span was well over 20 years.
Today the average lifespan is ten years if you're lucky and you better follow the right steps to get your clothes clean, or you won't be happy.

If your frustrated with what you have or simply hate your current machine. Let's go back in time with Huebsch and SpeedQueen and get the job done.

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