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A Gas Range Product You Need To Know About!

In the sea of gas range products, it sometimes nice to have a helping hand. Well, this is one time you need to know about a fantastic underestimated product.

It maybe not as well know as GE or others but in the professional class range products and the high-end market DCS is a beast and should be on your list of items to check out.

It's clean, well built and can perform better than 75% of its competition and is much less to buy. Why spend more when you can get more for less?

Who is DCS? DCS is a brand now owned by an also not as well know company out of new Zealand called Fisher & Paykel. Don't let this hold you back as the warranty and service is easy to get and this is a brand only in most cases sold by specialty appliance stores offering better products and that's a good thing.

DCS Professional Ranges For The Home
By Fisher & Paykel

Season - Sear - Serve

DCS hand-built ranges are powerful enough to reach high temperatures quickly, sealing in flavor, and precise enough to maintain the exact temperature needed for as long as required. Add to that a generous set of features coupled with simple, easy to use controls, and you have ranges that can meet the demands of North America's busiest and most exacting home chefs.

RDV-305 Dual Fuel Brushed Stainless Steel 30."

Limited space doesn’t have to cramp your cooking style. This range features patented Dual Flow Burners™ for simmer temperatures as low as 140° and high output up to 17,500 BTUs. The large self-cleaning accommodates full-size pans, and the Full Extension Telescopic Racking System has five positions for safer, easier cooking.

RDV-366 Dual fuel Brushed Stainless Steel 36."

Power, performance, and control this is truly a range built with professionalism in mind and
Dedication to supporting to the home foodie. Oven Features include stainless glide out heavy duty racks easy to clean interior and self-clean. Heavy duty cast iron top grates.


DCS Professional Ranges For The Home

RDV-486 GD Dual Fuel Brushed Stainless Steel 48."

Designed to meet the demands of the world’s finest chefs. Large, 4,000 watts, self-cleaning convection oven. Full Extension Telescopic Racking System for easy accessibility. Patented Dual Flow Burners™ simmer as low as 140° and up to 17,500 BTUs. Comes with an 18,000 BTU Griddle or other versions with 12" or 24" grill top. Also available with square handle in 2015 giving you two handle options.


Two powerful Incandescent lights brightly illuminate the inside of the oven. All control knobs have an illuminated halo system so you can see what’s happening at a glance.

Factory warranty is a two year 100% parts and Labor coverage.

If you're looking for that replacement or new kitchen DCS offers a complete kitchen solution from a fridge to the Dishwasher check them out you will be impressed. Price points are excellent for what you see and be sure to ask about current promotions as DCS offers some nice promotions.

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